WSDLdoc 1.0
WSDLdoc is the first integrated web service documentation software that transforms WSDL and XSD specifications into cross-referenced, and hyperlinked HTML documents. WSDLdoc's generated document provides detailed functional report for each WSDL/XSD component. WSDLdoc also makes it effortless to navigate a large collection of web service API and XML vocabulary. WSDLdoc's generated document is easy to publish on the web and serves as online-help for other web service developers.  
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External WSDL/XSD file Processing Capability
WSDLdoc processes any valid WSDL specification and XSD definition (with or without target name). It also incorporates external WSDL specifications and XSD definitions (i.e., included or imported XSD/WSDL) into the documentation. It also handles circular XSD references and chameleon namespaces.

WSDL and XSD specification Integration
WSDLdoc combines WSDL and XSD specifications into a single on-line help. WSDLdoc handles special SOAP types such as array type and links operation parameters to their individual XSD type reports.

Systematic Information Integration
WSDLdoc combines information from multiple WSDL components into a single report. From the service documentation, user can easily see all the ports, and its associated bindings, and summary of the operations. From the operation documentation, user can quickly find out all the binding requirements for a web service invocation.

Cross-browser Interactive Documents
WSDLdoc has several features that make searching and browsing a large collection of XML vocabulary and WSDL API a snap. WSDLdoc sorts/indexes schema components and WSDL components according to category. In addition, the ability to group/filter schema components and WSDL components by namespace allows users to focus on particular subsets of schema definitions or WSDL API that are relevant.
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