XSDdoc 2.0 Usage
XSDdoc processes only valid XML Schema 1.0 files. Users can use IBM's SQC or Microsoft's XSD schema validator to verify that XSD files meet requirements before running XSDdoc.

XSDdoc requires Java 1.2 or above.

xsddoc.bat [options] file0.xsd http://url/file1.xsd

-help: prints out help message to standard output
-version: prints out program version information
-verbose: prints out execution trace
-title text: parameter value of <title> for the generated HTML document
-dir path: location where XSDdoc will save generated HTML files. If path does not exist, XSDdoc will automatically create required directories.
If -dir is not specified, XSDdoc creates "tmpdoc" in current directory.
-pathprefix file:* file path prefix of the given file. This value can be used as second argument for -hrefprefix.
url_prefix file_path_prefix:*
replace file path prefix with url prefix in the HTML outputs. This operation recursivly processes all the XSDs in a directory. For more information, please see example 3.
*: XSDdoc 2.0 only.

Usage Example:
1. xsddoc.bat -verbose sample.xsd

2. xsddoc.bat -verbose -title "uddi" -dir "c:\uddi" http://uddi.org/schema/uddi_v2.xsd
3. uddi_v2.xsd is on c:\uddi\ (path is c:\uddi\uddi_v2.xsd), and the mirror copy's url is http://uddi.org/schema/uddi_v2.xsd.

Case (1): xsddoc.bat -verbose file:/C:/uddi/uddi_v2.xsd.
The generated document will reference the c:\uddi\uddi_v2.xsd file.

Case (2): xsddoc.bat -verbose -hrefprefix "http://uddi.org/schema/"
"file:/C:/uddi/"  file:/C:/uddi/uddi_v2.xsd.
"file:/C:/uddi" is replaced by "http://uddi.org/schema/" therefore the generated
document will reference http://uddi.org/schema/uddi_v2.xsd.

To run customized scripts or incorporate XSDdoc into the build process, type java -jar xsddoc.jar (plus command-line options).

We can provide an internal API for users wishing to integrate XSDdoc within another Java program. Please contact support for more information about this availability.

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